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Exteriors - Exteriors Motorized Blinds

  • As soon as the weather takes a turn for the better, the patio calls out to us!
  • Combining furniture, plants, lighting and accessories creates the perfect environment for lunch, evenings or relaxation with family and friends.
  • A motorized screen is a central element to provide sun protection and a comfortable area to enjoy.
What Type of Awning Should You Choose?

Box Awning

Offers complete protection for the blind’s canvas and arms.

Semi-Box Awning

The canvas is protected from bad weather by a chest.

Tub Awning

The arms and canvas remain in the open air once the blind is raised.

Awning with Winding Border

Provides protection against the sun and any people or buildings opposite.

Motorising Your Awnings

Life is on the move!

Are you thinking about installing a Awning? Consider a motorised awning right now! Does your home already have a handle-operated awning? You don’t need to change it. With Future Blinds, most awnings can be motorised after installation.

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