Hotel Automation


Automated technology is revolutionizing the service industry, and hotels are the latest sector to incorporate self-service facilities in order to improve customer experience and efficiency. We at Future Blinds believe that automation can complement the human touch and open doors to meaningful conversations between guests and hotels.

Automation has brought forward tangible benefits for both hotels and guests. We’ve broken down some of the guest-facing and back-end use cases for automation, as well as the advantages to deploying this type of technology.

How Can Automation Be Applied in Hotels?
Guest messaging

Hotels can use scripted messages to respond to guest requests and comments using a mobile guest engagement solution. Furthermore, through a menu interface, guests can use their mobile devices to request items and services from various hotel departments. For example, Guests can access hotel restaurant menu and place order.

Mobile check-in and check-out

Guests can check in to or out of the hotel using their mobile devices, allowing them to skip the line at the front desk, thereby saving time.

Motion-detected and keycard-enabled guest rooms.

Occupancy sensors can detect when the guest has entered the room and activate the lights and temperature control. Alternately, lights and temperature can be controlled by having the guest insert their room key into a reader near the door.

Housekeeping deliveries

Automations are becoming more and more common in hotels. Hotels use automation technology to delivers items such as towels, foods and toothbrushes to guest rooms.

Room assignments.

Some hospitality solutions automatically assign rooms to guests who have just booked based on their recorded preferences and the category of room they’ve requested.

Benefits For Guests

Guests are provided the luxury of control via Smart Apps and remotes for their room. Energy optimization sensors eliminate wastage of energy in aisles, bathrooms & more. Centralized management through system allows safety/ security monitoring and control of all hotel electrical assets & devices from a single point. Our choice of wireless and wired solutions offer flexibility & make deployment economical for both existing & new hotels.

  • Allowes For self-service
  • Personalized service
  • Guest convenience.